Dave answers: Sceptic

“After so many treatments I’ve become already skeptical”.

I spoke to many people who were sceptic and didn’t come to the introduction meeting where they could see how it works.

All you need is to come to the meeting to see how getting into another character works. But they remained sceptic and unfortunately they remained stuttering.

However some of them came to one introduction meeting and their scepticism vanished.
They got their lives back, they got their freedom.

Those who were sceptic in the phone missed it, beside of being sorry that their scepticism took them away of something they need and deserve, and they could have enjoyed it, which is a pity.
I think those people will miss a lot of other things in their lives, not only concerning stuttering, they will miss a lot of opportunities because of their fear, their scepticism, no excuse will be good, everything will be better than doing the right thing which is to come and understand that there is no need of stuttering.


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