Stuttering in the Past Tense
the way to be Free of stuttering

Every child, teenager or adult are entitled to start a new way and leave their stuttering behind. 

Our confidence leans on our long experience that proved definitely that there is no reason why a child or a grownup should get used to struggle with a stuttering through all of his life, while it is possible to live a full, reach and active life without stuttering.

Stuttering in the Past Tense, a special and unique treatment approach developed by Dave Lemelman, totally differs from the accepted methods of speech therapy and has a number of important advantages:

» As a result of the treatment you get a totally fluent and normal speech. We don’t talk about improvements, small or even big, but about absolutely normal speech, like people who have never stuttered.

» The treatment is short enough – about 2 months with weekly treatment sessions, or just 3 weeks in a case of intensive treatment, with 3 sessions a week. Dave succeeds to make all the meetings a real fun.

» Even the stuttering of an extreme severity is successfully treated by this method.

» Especially important – after the completion of a treatment, stuttering never returns.

Let’s meet and you will also be able to say:
I used to stutter in the past.

Sincerely Yours,
Dave Lemelman

Dave Lemelman

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