Dave Lemelman

Dave Lemelman working as a theatre plays director, developed an unique technique to help actors to get into different new personalities, and was surprised of the great results, when they succeeded to learn long texts in a very short time.

Emphasizing not the word or the text, but the actor’s ability to understand and to adopt new language habits, movements and full identification with the new character, was the idea that led Dave in his work. At the moment this magic took place, the words already flew by themselves straight to the actor’s mouth.

During the years Dave Lemelman expanded the fields of work, and started to train young people in different frames, a challenging task, but he realized that he has the ability to apply the experience from his work with actors to help people to grow up by releasing fixations, as a way to overcome emotional problems, to change habits and to define their goals in life.

The very special contact that Dave succeeds to create with people, in addition to his wide experience, allows him to do wonders in increasing the self-confidence of his patients, especially the youth.

Work with youth and children who suffer from stuttering exposed Dave to their world and their great distress, and lead him to develop his Stuttering in the past tense approach, a very special treatment method that allows to totally get rid of stuttering »»

Today Dave Lemelman is considered an international expert in his field and people all over the world enjoy life free of stuttering due to his system.

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