Stuttering in the Past Tense

The work of Dave with youth and children who suffer from stuttering exposed him to their world and their great distress, and lead him to develop his Stuttering in the Past Tense approach, a very special training method that succeeds to release stuttering.

“Many times I realized that stuttering took roots due to the identification of the stutter with the stuttering character until it turned into a habit, which can be broken by exposing and increasing  the person’s strength, and adopting new habits”.

The treatment based on a growth and it is aimed to allow everyone to get rid of stuttering and enjoy the wonderful forces inherent in them.

“I think I have been blessed with the ability to cause people to make changes in their lives and I see it as a mission.
Stuttering in the past tense, a method I developed has proved that no one has to suffer from stuttering! If you, or someone in your family or relatives still stutters – please don’t hesitate and contact us, together we will start a new journey of growth and freedom!
Sincerely Yours, Dave”

Today Dave Lemelman is considered an international expert in his field and people all over the world enjoy life due to his system.


We invite you to contact us because you are also entitled to put the Stuttering into the Past Tense!

Dave Lemelman
The End of Stuttering

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