Dave answers: When i’m drunk i don’t stutter

I have noticed that when I am drunk I don’t stutter“.

You are completely right. It happens to most people that suffer from stuttering.
I diminishes when you are drunk and even disappears completely.

From the moment alcohol is being absorbed in you blood it causes some changes in several centers of the body, which can be felt in several aspect, like increasing your mood, feeling light, freedom, decrease of inhibitions, until loss of self control, lost of balance when we drink too much.

But let’s talk about “good changes” mostly, freedom and decrease of inhibitions, two components that cause a remarkable relief after drinking alcohol (some people report that it happens also after taking drugs, smoking grass or  marijuana) and it is exactly the same freedom, the same energy required to be free of the speech consciousness, and the important thing is that you can get the same energy in your daily life  without the need of taking alcohol or drugs.


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